About Me

Hey! I’m Claudia Valdivieso, christian ✝️, wife 👫, mother 👨‍👩‍👦 and front-end 👩‍💻 (yep, in that order). I'm currently working as a Web UI Developer at Globant.

I grew up in Trujillo, a city in northern Peru, graduated with a bachelor's degree in Computer Science. I spend my free time playing with my boy, reading, running, biking, and enjoying time with friends and family in Lima - Peru.

Santiago and me



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    Create a blog for my articles on Christianity

    You can check it out here 👉 prosigohacialameta.com (in spanish).

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    Publish my first article on an external page

    I published an article on escuelafrontend.com about Hoisting in JavaScript.

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    Web UI Developer at Globant 🌐

    I'm extremely excited about this new role 🤩.


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    I became a mom 🤱

    Great year to have a child, huh? The delivery was a bit difficult but God was with us 🙌


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    Software Engineer at Able.co 👩‍💻

    Software development with React and Ruby on Rails (I'm not an expert in Rails but I can do some things 😅)

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    Managing internal tech talks at UND - Grupo El Comercio 🗣️

    I organize the internal tech talks on my work with my dear friend Pedro Pairazamán.

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    Talk about front-end at Laboratoria

    With some teammates we went to Laboratoria to talk about the live as front-end developers.


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    Got Married 🥳

    We had a pretty ceremony with family and friends, and it was better than I could have imagined 😌